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Danish Hill, Sofia

by Danish Hill Ltd
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About the project

Danish Hill is a dedicated company to construct a real estate project of 9 houses in the prestigious area of Boyana.

Our houses aim to achieve the maximum comfort at minimum expense, following scandinavian model of rowhouse development and experience.

  • Small affordable row houses (average size 160m2)
  • Location is within established cluster of only new houses
  • Very easy access
  • 2 parkplaces per house and additional for guest-parking
  • 4 bedrooms
  • Ground floor – no bedrooms or study – only kitchen and living room + WC and technical premises
  • Efficient floor layouts


  • Location in general is in the well known Kinocenter III, which is a highly renowned and prestigious area, with a lot of new and luxurious houses and complexes.
  • Our specific plot is within a recently established cluster of only new houses.
  • Located at 200 meters from Ring Road of Sofia, with 3 separate access points to the ring road (one direct), which are giving unique road access and no traffic bottlenecks.
  • Near Sofia center, National Palace of Culture - 15 - 20 min (off-peak + peak travel time, measured with Google Maps ®)
  • Many kindergartens and schools
  • Availability of supermarkets (Fantastiko, Lidl on Cherni Vrah blvd, Billa on Bulgaria blvd) - 6 to 10 minutes (measured with Google Maps ®)



Boyana area is in high demand because of its prestigious image but it has the following disadvantages: sometimes bad looking neighbouring houses, poor roads, slow and uneasy access. Despite that Boyana is sought after. Danish Hills, however, is located in Boyana and does not have those disadvantages.

  • Only new high-end houses; no old and poor looking neighbours
  • Access from 3 street close-by – unmatched anywhere in Boyana
  • Only new streets around Danish Hill


Contact us

Danish Hill Ltd

The complex is sold exclusively by IMOTEKA.
Broker - Sofia Petrova, tel: 0884 014 032